Arab Entrepreneurs Board is a registered trademark in London and Dubai

What does the Arab Entrepreneurs Board in London offer?

The Arab Entrepreneurs Board was founded in London, capital of the UK and the international capital of business, by a group of Arab and British experts and advisors with extensive business and market knowledge, to be a platform that attracts Arab entrepreneurs and innovators and meets their ambitions and aspirations, as well as satisfies their passion for novelty and creativity by offering them a wide range of unique integrated high-standard services and smart solutions, providing them with perspectives for creativity and innovation, and enabling them to develop, grow, and eventually globalise their businesses.

More than 25 distinct and exclusive services for members of the Arab Entrepreneurs Board in London

Guidance on funding and investment solutions for your projects and businesses
Smart solutions for startups and innovative projects for entrepreneurs
Guidance and mentorship for all Board members provided by a team of experts and consultants
Publication of your success stories, achievements, and innovations in our news bulletin and on our website
Special discounts for setting up British, US, or offshore companies
Special discounts on trademarks’ registrations in the UK or worldwide
Legal assistance in opening bank accounts in London or other prominent banks worldwide
Legal assistance in acquiring entry visas to the UK
Assistance in website and application design with a special discount for web portals setups
Networking and exchange of information, ideas, products, and services with other members
Periodical newsletter with our latest updates on the world of finance and business
Display of the Board’s logo in all your business’ advertising and correspondence
Promotion of your services and products on the Board’s social media platforms
Official invitations to attend financial and business conferences in London
A dedicated link (URL) for you on the Board’s official website
Opportunities to be nominated for one of the Board’s annual awards
Special discounts on courses provided by the London Business Academy (officially accredited and certified by the British Foreign Office)
Assistance in publishing articles about your companies and businesses in major world newspapers
Facilitation of TV interviews on major Arab channels
Facilitation of communication and networking with official and governmental institutions in most countries of the world
Special discounts on airlines and luxurious hotels in most Arab countries
The London Business Program: visit the headquarters of some of the most prominent British corporations and meet their Executives (including the international London Stock Exchange)

We are specialized in setting up your international company without the hassle of traveling, as we have a specialized team of highly qualified and experienced consultants to form companies around the world

London Golden Bundle is a prominent package, designed by our highly experienced experts to meet all the needs and requirements of our elite customers, to emulate your ambitions and achieve your aspirations

We offer our customers the advantage of opening virtual offices worldwide, which provide channels for communication with businessmen, investors, financing sources, international banks and official bodies around the world

We offer our clients the ability of opening Business Bank Accounts in the best international banks, benefiting from our wide network of banks that are realiable and provide smart services and solutions to our customers

We provide documents, certificates and invoices authentication from the Foreign, commonwealth and Development Office in the UK and The U.S. state department

We assist our clients with trademark and intellectual property registration in the UK and internationally, covering most countries around the world

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Memberships Types


More than 25 distinct and exclusive services for members of the Arab Entrepreneurs Board in London

Golden Membership

1,000 $
  • More than 16 distinct and exclusive services for members of the Arab Entrepreneurs Board in

Businessmen and Businesswomen Membership

2,000 $
  • More than 18 distinct and exclusive services for members of the Arab Entrepreneurs Board in London

Startups Membership

3,000 $
  • More than 20 distinct and exclusive services for members of the Arab Entrepreneurs Board in London

Corporate Membership

4,000 $
  • More than 22 distinct and exclusive services for members of the Arab Entrepreneurs Board in London

VIP Membership

5,000 $
  • More than 24 distinct and exclusive services for members of the Arab Entrepreneurs Board in London

As featured in

London Business Program


The London Arab Entrepreneurs Board is proud to launch the first round of the London Business Program, the first program of its kind in the Middle East for Arab businesspeople, project owners, innovators, and those pursuing success and golden opportunities.

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Why The Board?

Our vision

For the Board to be the best platform in providing business services and intelligent solutions for Arab entrepreneurs from the Ocean to the Gulf, and in creating new horizons for them in a business world with no limits or borders.

Our mission

To facilitate your engagement and outreach to us so we can fulfil your inquiries in a speedy manner, to give you the precious time you need to achieve what is important to you.

Our values

To establish strong and continuous partnership with our clients and prioritise them above all. All the services and solutions we offer are dedicated by design not only to meet our clients’ needs, but also to exceed their expectations and achieve their objectives.